Our story began in the late ‘70s. During those years, the carpet industry was booming, and as more and more carpets were seen covering floors of houses, offices, and waiting rooms, carpet cleaning supplies were lacking, as well as the knowledge on how to keep them clean and unblemished.

Two guys working for a factory that wasn’t recognizing this unmet need and chance in the market decided to on their own direction: they founded their own company, the same that is today become one of the largest distributors in the nation.

Even though we have grown during the years, expanding into the markets of janitorial and restoration, our guiding principle has remained the same: to meet the needs of all those who work every day for keeping everything clean and safe. Where we see an unmet need of contractors or facilities managers, there we want to intervene with ideas and solutions. We acknowledge your work is hard, and we want to make it easier: we offer same-day shipping and free technical support so that you don’t have to struggle with late deliveries and never-ending phone calls with unprepared technicians. Besides quality products – from microfiber towels to floor grinders – we also offer seminars on topics such as mold remediation and small business marketing.

As partners for you tough work, we want to bring to the table (1) knowledge and experience – we are not just taking your orders, we can help you figure out what to order depending on your needs; (2) training – we don’t limit to sell you machine, we teach and show you how to use it; (3) reliability – from money-back guarantee to constant support, we offer honesty, hard work, and transparency.

We are the only company on the market who can offer all this. That’s why contractors and facilities managers all around the nation are choosing us for their carpet cleaning, surface prep and polishing, and disaster restoration products.

If your job is tough, we are here to help.

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