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Why I Should Buy a Dehumidifier
Technology is moving fast and is pushing the society forward. It has resulted in more efficient dehumidifier which is used to not only dehumidify the air but also to reduce the maintenance cost on your furniture. Moisture in our houses damages our furniture and even the building.
Excess moisture can be found in our living environment and even in our place of work. Previously, excess moisture was considered a natural phenomenon but this is no longer the case since technology allows us to reduce the excess moisture in our homes and control its effects.

Sources of the Excess Moisture in Our Homes

Depending on the prevailing temperatures, it is possible for air to hold water in a vaporous state. However, as the air cools, it loses its capability of holding water. It means that the excess moisture can then be released on the surface. The air condenses creating the dampness we all know.


Why You Need A Dehumidifier To Reduce The Excess Moisture.

1.To reduce structural damage

When wooden structures are exposed to moisture, molds start growing on them and eventually start rotting. In fact, when mold and rot are not prevented they result in uneven door frames as well as warped floors. Rot and mold are the causes of 15% of the repairs in our homes. Generally, it destroys about 20 billion feet of wood and timber all over the world. It causes more damage than even fire. Also, when the exterior walls absorb moisture, it causes the surface temperature to reduce even more. It results in further absorption of water and leads to a damaging cycle. This is why you need dehumidifiers to extract moisture from your home and make the air circulating around dry. It reduces maintenance expenses and keeps the mold damage at its bare minimum.

2. Storage

Excess humidity caused by excess moisture in the air can damage our equipment. Electrical components may not work if they are allowed to absorb too much moisture or water vapor from the surrounding. Also, other items such as clothes, books, and medicine get damaged and will become moldy if they are kept in areas with high levels of moisture. However, the modern dehumidifiers provide a solution to all our storage problems. If you make use of the efficient Alor Air dehumidifier, you get guaranteed that all your assets and equipment will be free from mold and rot.

3. Pest Infestations

When you let your environment to remain damp, it attracts pests ranging from cockroaches to ants to termites. If these pests live in your house for longer periods, they may cause extensive damage and even cause health-related issues to your loved ones. Luckily, dehumidifiers can quietly maintain a required level of humidity in your living room and workspace. It does this by circulating dry air in your home and reduce the chances of having it infested with pests. This improves the quality of air in your home.

4. Diseases and health

When the humidity level in your house is higher than 60%, it creates an environment that allows fungi, mold, and mildew to thrive. Mold will spread fast and by so doing they release millions of spores in your home. These pores lead to musty and bad odors. They also increase the risk of contracting dangerous health conditions. In such a case, you need a dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity and make the environment comfortable. This reduces the chances of serious illnesses and diseases.

We Lead in Innovation!

At AlorAir, you will get a series of IAQ dehumidification solutions that includes air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers just to mention a few. These are highly innovative products you can use for residential commercial and industrial needs. We invest in innovation and our mission is to continue innovating to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We Make Use of Advanced Coils That Create High COP

All AlorAir dehumidifiers have coils that are larger than those used in other conventional dehumidifiers. In addition, our coils and fins are designed using the latest technology and include unique features you will not find in any of the cheaper humidifiers we see on the market. We fit our dehumidifiers with heat exchangers and oversized coils capable of removing 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt. It means that when you use our highly efficient dehumidifier, you save up to about $250 per year on electricity bills. The dehumidifier will last for +10 years and come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Our Coils Are Coated With Epoxy Powder

To curb the Freon leakage which is always a fatal flaw for a dehumidifier, at AllorAir, we make use of epoxy coated coils. It is an innovative way to extend the life of the coil. It provides protection against the corrosive environment and ensures that the transfer of heat on the coils is flawless. Also, the rotary compressor is highly efficient and maximizes performance at the lowest cost.

Heavy Duty Condensate Pumps

Unlike other pumps that experience serious issues like overheating, rusting and failure, our pumps score high here. Our engineers have developed pumps that are not only reliable but which give you the freedom to drain the collected water anywhere. Also, our condensate pump has a 20’ lifting distance. Notice that all cables on our AlorAir’s condensate pump have connecting plugs that make connecting, installing and maintenance quick and easy.

Access to Internal Components

Unlike the other types of dehumidifiers, you will get out there, the AlorAir dehumidifier gives you quick access to their internal components. For instance, the Storm series comes with a clamshell cover and the Sentinel Series has access panels. Also, the pump comes with connecting cables that can easily be removed without the need to access the control board.

Comes With a Remote Control Humidistat

AlorAir dehumidifier comes with a remote humidistat meaning that you will control it even when the unit is ducted in another room. It also features a duct mounted flanges that reduce installation time when you want to connect it to a ducting system.

Sensor with bypass Air Design

This is one of the greatest innovation in our Aloir Air dehumidifier. The humidity sensor comes with a Bypass Air Design intended to help prevent short-circuiting. The reasoning is that sensors can be affected by humidity and internal heat. It makes it susceptible to effects of internal heat and humidity. It makes it prone to receiving wrong signals to either switch the dehumidifier on or off. If this happens, it shortens the compressor lifespan and unstabilizes the refrigerant system. However, with the Bypass Air Design, the sensor is insulated from internal humidity and heat.

Excellent Main Board Performance

It is true that the performance of a dehumidifier can be affected by its main board. This is why all AloiAir circuit boards are heavily coated to protect them. It means that other than being resistant to magnetization, its board is tamper proof. Notice that the parts, as well as the performance of the board, have been subjected to tests.

The Units Are Ductable

The AlorAir dehumidifiers offer a wide range of accessories that can be deployed in a wide range of applications. The units are ductable meaning that you have the opportunity of placing them even in the remotest locations but still be able to control them from another room. In some cases, you may use the remote humidistat

How You Save Money with Alorair

Controlling the level of humidity in your home will not only protect your home but will keep your family healthy. Our dehumidifier are affordable and offer solutions to humidity and other related problems. The initial investment can be recouped in a few years and guarantees you saving on energy.

How You Benefit From the High COP

The fact that AloirAir’s dehumidifier is high COP, can help you save more than $250 in energy bills. This is not the case for other conventional dehumidifiers. The AlorAir dehumidifier will serve you for a period of 10+ years and come with a 5-year limited warranty. You will also incur other projected savings accruing from reduced air conditioning expenses. If you will be able to maintain a relative humidity of less than 50%, it will reduce your HVAC workload but still keep your temperatures low. Investing in AlorAir dehumidifier provide energy savings and will create a comfortable and healthy living environment for your family.

New Unit Re-dispatch

The AlloAir’s bundled Devices

Finding a solution to the problem can be confusing especially if you are an inexperienced buyer. Luckily, AlorAir has developed restoration packages that will help you to:

1. Carry out mold remediation

2. Restore water damage

3. Reduce after-flood maintenance charge